The Gate Heliopolis

Cities around the world are getting identified by the urban features they encompass in their urban fabric. Iconic buildings are becoming landmarks of cities building not only the mental image of the city but also become the source of pride of its residents. Further, iconic building express the philosophy of the era where it was constructed Cairo , since the construction of Cairo tower has not witnessed the construction of a building that could be considered iconic, that the visitor of the city Victorious would consider a ‘ MUST SEE ‘ feature. i.e. the first iconic building of its nature inside Cairo since Cairo Tower It is time for Cairo to witness the creation of an ICONIC building that would express the future of the city Victorious , after decades of urban degradation and also after the recent flip page of unrest – it represents the demand to look into the peak guidance into the future which developers would seek to track, copy or compete



128 Haram St., Green House - In Front Of Abd El Rehim Amr Furniture, El Haram, Giza.

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